NFT collection debuts honouring Black Women in Technology

There are ten pieces of art being produced, each with a name and personality assigned to it, to honour the dominance of black women in the computer industry. The goal is to collect money to encourage and support young ladies to work in the industry.
The collection was introduced by the organisation Global Tech Advocates, Black Women in Tech (GTA BWIT). It is a creative picture of what they envision for the future of technology, with leading black women in a cutting-edge tech world. Flavilla Fongang, the creator of GTA BWIT, produced the artwork after experiencing her fair share of difficulties in her professional life.

On Thursday, October 27, at midnight, the collection went live exclusively on Deliciae. The publication of the new book “The Voices in the Shadow” and the unveiling of the 10 NFTs coincide with a BWIT festival. Version 2 of the book features tales from 51 black women working in technology, building on the enormous success of version 1 from the previous year.


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