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Reelblack, founded by the visionary Mike D., is a pioneering platform dedicated to showcasing Black film with the mission to educate, enlighten, entertain, and empower diverse audiences. Since its inception in 2007, Reelblack has been at the forefront of the New Black Film Revolution, capturing and preserving essential narratives through insightful interviews with influential filmmakers, actors, and musicians who are integral to this cultural movement.

Mike D., an esteemed alumnus of NYU Film School and the American Film Institute, infuses Reelblack with his extensive expertise and fervent passion for Black cinema. His distinguished career includes notable works such as the award-winning short film *The 13th Amendment*, which garnered the jury prize at CNN’s inaugural iReport Film Festival. Additionally, his NYU short film *Who is Chris Rock?* gained viral acclaim after being featured on the Huffington Post, further cementing his reputation as a dynamic storyteller.

Reelblack stands out not only for its original content but also for its rich archival footage, which together create a comprehensive and dynamic exploration of Black cinema. The platform serves as a crucial voice in celebrating and dissecting the complexities of Black cultural expressions on screen. Through its diverse programming, Reelblack aims to shine a spotlight on both emerging and established Black filmmakers, providing them with a platform to reach broader audiences and fostering a deeper understanding of Black experiences and stories.

With a commitment to highlighting the richness and diversity of Black narratives, Reelblack continues to inspire and educate viewers, ensuring that the contributions of Black artists to the world of cinema are recognized and appreciated. Mike D.’s leadership and vision have made Reelblack a cornerstone in the landscape of film, championing the power of cinema to transform perspectives and inspire change.

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