Category: Artist

Dr. Lemny Perez
Dr. Lemny Perez, an Afro-Dominican writer, psychologist, abstract NFT artist, and collect […]
Lana Denina
Lana Denina is a Beninese and French painter working in Montreal. Human interactions, phy […]
Eric Robinson
Eric Robinson is a fine artist living in Maryland who uses oil and pen to create a variet […]
Lane Riley
Lane Riley was born in Oregon and received their bachelor's degree in anthropology from t […]
JTA Official
JTA is an 18-year-old TikToker with over 840K followers and 31M likes on TikTok. He is kn […]
Is a visual artist from Kigali, Rwanda. MDD uses pre-colonial, colonial, modern, and futu […]
Yosnier is Florida based artist   NiftyGateway SuperRare
Eghosa Omoruyi
Eghosa Omoruyi classifies her style as fine art photography, a method that blurs the boun […]
Creates art on her phone to demonstrate there is beauty in everything.   […]
Serwah Attafuah
Based out Dharug land, West Sydney Serwah is a multidisciplinary artist who has exhibited […]