Category: Artist

Dada Boipelo HVRmemoirs
I'm a multidisciplinary artist that mostly focuses on creative direction, fine and digita […]
Felt Zine
FELT Zine is an artist collaborative and an experimental digital art outlet or platform. […]
Adrian Alleyne
Cancer Warrior NFTs was started by Adrian Alleyne, who also serves as CEO. When Adrian r […]
Jessica James
Jessica James is a multi-disciplinary artist whose work focuses on fashion and product de […]
Banks is a medical doctor whose art passes a strong message.   Foundat […]
Rick Wade
Is a deep house producer, animator, and graphic artist. 15+ years of experience producing […]
Sean Williams iartsometimes
Sean Williams aka iartsometimes is the founder of WEIRDWILDWORLD, a black-owned one-man-r […]
Josh Jaiye farrell
Jaiye Farrell, an Oklahoma-based artist, developed his style of painting from abstract pa […]
Cyber Baat
Cyber Baat is a blockchain-based collaboration of African artists. It's set up as a DAO, […]
Brittany Pierre
Brittany Pierre has taken the photography and filmmaking world by storm! A self-taught ph […]