Cadillac commissions and auctions original NFTs by Nyla Hayes

Cadillac purchased original NFTs created by Nyla Hayes and auctioned them as part of its Black Future campaign. The NFTs are Cadillac’s first foray into the Web3 sector, which includes token-based marketplaces, and were designed in the iconic “Long Neckie” style of Hayes. The Save The Music Foundation will profit from the auction’s proceeds.

Cadillac commissioned two NFTs for this auction: Adira, the Silver 120 Anniversary Edition, available to numerous bidders, and Adira, the Gold Edition Long Neckie, a unique, one-of-one NFT.

The Black Future Long Neckie NFTs’ sales proceeds will go toward the J. Dilla Music Tech grant programme of the Save The Music Foundation, along with a $55,000 gift from Cadillac. Students learn electronic music production, audio engineering, recording, and production in this curriculum.


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