Pulitzer Prize winner Karen Hunter launches Knarrative

Knarrative Grows into the Largest African Studies Project

Eight-time New York Times bestselling author Karen Hunter has pivoted into the digital media world with a simultaneous launch of her self-titled YouTube Channel Karen Hunter and Knarrative.

Knarrative is “committed to helping Black people, across the diaspora, know our history, create our own stories, and understand ourselves through explorations of the past so that we can grow brighter futures.” While her self-titled YouTube channel is a treasure trove of information spanning entertainment, sports, finance and much more. Karen Hunter has thrown all her heart and soul into providing quality information from a vast array of experts. In a similar vein to Roland Martin, both YouTube channels have Dr Greg Carr as a guest speaker appearing on a Saturday spot with Karen Hunter and Thursday with Roland Martin unfiltered.

Since launching Knarrative the site has continued to grow with an improved catalog of annotated information and enhanced streaming and website capabilities.

Knarrative boasts an admirable list of experts and is worth reserving a spot on your digital media subscription. You can sign up as a free member or paid member either on a monthly or annual package.

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