lists Netflix movies and series examining Systemic Racism in America

Enjoying the Black Experience tainted by Systemic Raciscm has done the work and put together a very worthy and rich composite on the lived lifes of African Americans experiencing systemic raciscm. What sets this list apart is the various experiences on display from Beyonce’s Homecoming documentary to Spike Lee’s Vietnam epic provides a glimpse into the many different journeys that challenge the black experience of being American, check out the entire list here

What Happened Miss Simone?

The 2015 Netflix documentary examines Simone from a variety of perspectives, including as a fearless activist, a civil rights leader, and, perhaps most notably, as the acclaimed songstress whose style is often imitated but never duplicated. regarded as one of the greatest musicians of all time. What happened to you, Miss Simone? covers her unusual life and career, following her path as a multi-genre musician and civil rights fighter through historical film.

Let it Fall

Let it Fall examines the decade leading up to the Rodney King riots and how tensions between Los Angeles police and the black community had been growing for years before exploding in 1992. The storey is conveyed through first-hand reports of the events, as well as substantial archival film. Police officers, city officials, victims of police violence, citizen’rescuers,’ those who perpetrated violence, as well as witnesses and family members of the deceased, were among those interviewed.


From her origins in Chicago’s Southside to her time as First Lady, the Netflix original documentary looks further into her life. She correctly points out that the majority of the world only knows her from her eight years in the White House, during which she was constantly scrutinised. Becoming aspires to disclose the truth about what happened during her voyage. Nadira Hallgren is the documentary’s director. After Becoming was published, she followed Michelle Obama on her 34-city book tour. The film includes video from Obama’s trips, appearances on talk shows, and duties as First Lady.

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